The winners of the 2010 Native American Music Awards are:

Best Waila Recording of the Year: “Get’n Down” by Native Thunder

Best Blues Recording of the Year: “If That’s All Right With You” by Twice As Good

Debut Artist of the Year: Victoria Blackie with “Wanted Man”

Debut Duo or Group of the Year: Dark Water Rising with “Dark Water Rising”

Best Pop Recording of the Year: “We Are” by Digging Roots

Best Compilation Recording of the Year: “Walking with the Spirits” by Randy McGinnis

Best Country Recording of the Year: “It’s About Time” by Shane Yellowbird

Best Female Artist of the Year: Shanise with “Okeymow Maskiki Vol III”

Best Folk Recording of the Year: “Believe” by Michael Bucher

Best Flute Recording of the Year: “Face the Music” by Joseph FireCrow

Best Gospel/Inspirational Recording of the Year: “Sacred Fire” by Sayani

Best Duo/Group of the Year: Bluedog with “Get Up & Get Out”

Best Instrumental Recording of the Year: “Hitchin’ a ride” by Nokie Edwards

Best Male Artist of the Year: Jay Begaye with “Horses are Our Journey”

Best Native American Church Recording of the Year: “Dakota/Lakota Traditional

Church Songs” by Sacred Harmonies

Best New Age Recording of the Year: “Enchanted Garden” by Sheila Applegate and Joanne Shenandoah

Best Producer of the Year: Frand Waln for “Always Ready”

Best Rap/Hip-Hop Recording of the Year: “Tribal Tribulations” by Chase Monchamp/Chase Manhatten

Record of the Year: “Breakin’ Free” by the Jan Michael Looking Wolf Band

Song/Single of the Year: “Windwalker/Wind Spirit Drum” by Grandfather

Songwriter of the Year: Brad Clonch for “Fight for Survival”

Spoken Word Recording of the Year: “Stories from the Social Fire” by The Story Tellers

Best Traditional Recording of the Year: “Rebuilding the Fire” by Bo Taylor

Best World Music Recording of the Year: “Remembrance” by Gabriel Ayala

Native Heart Award (given to a non-Native artist): Big City Indians for “Tribal Vision”

The Native American Music Association presented Nancy Scott with a guitar, a flute, and a Joseph FireCrow CD Collection which she will use with her support groups. The presentation was a part of Operation Music Aid which uses music to help military personnel in recovery.

The Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Bobby Bullet St. Germaine.

Best Rock Recording of the Year: “Sgeweh” by Segweh

Best Music Video of the Year: “Sacred Warrior” by Tom Bee

Best Pow Wow Recording of the Year: “Boys Will Be Boyz” by The Boyz

Artist of the Year: Joseph FireCrow with “Face the Music”



Awards Program Brochure

Recorded live during rehearsals for the 12th Annual Native American Music Awards in New York, multiple award-winning flutist and artist, Jan Michael Looking Wolf was joined by fellow nominees and award winners for a special video recording project of his song entitled, Live As One, to be released on National Native American Heritage Day. The recording features Jan Michael Looking Wolf, Randy McGuinness and Cody Blackbird on flutes, Ken Trabert on acoustic guitar, Matt Knott on drums, Tom Mullaney on bass, Dave Stoll-Pedal on steel guitar, Aaron Watts on keyboards, Ed Koban on electric guitar with vocals by fellow nominees; Jimmy Lee Young, Rainshadow, David Searching Owl, Yolanda Martinez, Windspirit Drums, Michelle Johnson, Donna Kay, Michael Bucher, The Ox Boyz and original XIT members A. Michael Martinez, Lee Herrera and, Mac Suazo. "Live As One" serves as an international message of hope, healing, and unity from the Native American music community.


Presented By
Seneca Niagara Hotel & Casino, Niagara Falls, NY
Shokopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community
San Manuel Band of Mission Indians
Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians Foundation
The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde Community of Oregon


Opening Annoucements
Opening Prayer – Bobby Bullet
Opening Veterans Enter

Performance: Trevor Jones Drum Group  & Dancers

Wes Studi Video Reel & Intro

Waila Video
1. Best Waila Category – Tohono O’odham Nation Vice Chairman Isidro B. Lopez

Performance: Yvonne St Germaine –JJ Kent & Yolanda Martinez

2. Best Blues Recording – WES intros Marc Brown, Randy McGinnis, Bo Johnson

Performance: Aztlan Underground –Nake Nula Waun

3. Debut Artist of the Year- Joni & Alexandra Buffalohead, Ken Quiethawk,

Performance: Oshkii Giizhik Singers – Kimberlie & Gertie

4. Best Debut Duo or Group –A Michael Martinez, Mac Suazo, Lee Herrera Ox Boys

Performance: Gabriel Ayala/ Skylar Wolf - Wes

5. Best Pop Recording - Jimmy Lee Young, Wolfsheart

Wes Intros Performance: Joseph Firecrow



Winners of Unpresented Categories Announced

Wes Studi & Joseph FireCrow  Veterans Guitar Presentation

Performance: Victoria Blackie – Wes

Performance: Nake Nula Waun – Wes

6. Bobby Bullet’s Lifetime Achievement Award - Joanne Shenandoah & Michael Bucher

Performance: Jan Michael Looking Wolf Band –Kelly Montijo Fink & James Maracle

7. Best Rock Recording – Mwalim and Peter Sackeney

Performance Buddy Big Mountain – VOG

Performance Papago Warrior - Buddy

8. Best Video Recording SR – Larry Grizz Brown of Rainshadow, Ed Koban, & Windwalker

Performance: Dark Water Rising – Wes Studi

Performance: Hand Drum Group – The Boyz, Jay Begaye & Cody Blackbird – front of stage

9. Pow Wow Recording –Chase Manhattan, Kelly of Native Era, Leon Thompson

Performance: Digging Roots – Wes Studi

10. Artist of the Year – NightShield, Janet Rogers Tara Pretends Eagle of Lakota Country Times

Performance: Twice As Good closes the show

Final Announcements



Alex Turtle & Johnny Monroe - Unity
Allen Mose Jr & Orion Jay - Holistic Blessings
Anthony Betoney - That’s An Old Song - Anthony Betoney
Arvel Bird - Red River Jig
Aztlan Underground – Aztlan Underground
Big City Indians - Tribal Vision
Bigg B – Lifestyle Muzik - Bigg B
Blackhawk Blues Band - Indian Casino
Blackstone - Live In Alexis
Bluedog -Get Up & Get Out
Bo Taylor - Rebuilding The Fire
Bobby Bullet St Germaine - Scrapbook
Brad Clonch – Fight For Survival
Brian Stoner & Verdell Primeaux - Reconnected
Cecil Gray & The Flying Eagle Blues Band - Shades of Gray
Cecile Moosomin - A Time for Healing – Cecile Moosomin
Chase Monchamp - Tribal Tribulations - Chase Monchamp/Chase Manhattan
Chris Ferree - Unbound
Cody Sunbear Blackbird – Raven Speaks
Dark Water Rising – Dark Water Rising
Deborah New Moon Rising – Stories From The Social Fire
Denise Johanson – Cave Spirits
Digging Roots Spring To Come – Digging Roots
Donna Kay - By The Water - Donna Kay
Douglas Blue Feather– Rollin Like Thunder
Eagle & Hawk - Songwriters
Elk Soldier - The Elk Dreamers
Fawn Wood & Dallas Washkahat – ‘Til The End
Frank Waln – Always Ready
Gabriel Ayala Remembrance - Gabriel Ayala
George Parker – Late Night Sessions
Glen Ahhaitty – No More Lies
Gloria Larocque – Colours of My Life
Gertie & the TO Boyz – A Tribute To Augustine Lopez Sr
Indigie Femme – Indian Souvenir
Injunuity – Fight For Survival
Firewater – Janet Rogers
Jan Michael Looking Wolf, Donald Blackfox, Shawn Justice – Breakin’ Free
Jay Begaye – Horses Are Our Journey
Jeff Ball Band – Ghost Town
Jim Boyd – Voices From The Lakes
JJ Kent – The Other Side of JJ Kent
Joanne Shenandoah – Enchanted Garden
John Bear – Pure Passion
John McLeod - Moving On
John Two-Hawks – Wind Songs
Johnny Whitehorse – Riders of the Healing Road
Jonny Lipford – Turn The Page
Joseph FireCrow “Lizard Blues”
Joseph Strider – Meanings Within Meanings, Within Meanings
Kelly Montijo Fink – Songs of War & Victory
Kevin Yazzie – Hope
Kicking Woman Singers - The 4th Coming
Lady Xplicit - It Comes Natural - Lady Xplicit
Larry Burnett w/Don Chapman - Guitar & Vocals
Larry Kaibetoney - Doo Lado Shi Diyin Da
Lone Bear – NDN Moon
Marc Brown – Long Time Coming
Me’tis Fiddler Quartet - A Tribute To Walter Flett
Michael Bucher – Believe
Mike Sullivan Sr– Love, Lies & Lullabies
Mwalim The Liberation Sessions - Mwalim
Nake Nula Waun – Always Ready
Robert Doyle– Dancing Into Silence
Native Creed - Cumbiafied Nativez
Native Era - Voice The Vision - Native Era Presents Arielle Tiensvold n Mista Futuristic
Native Thunder - Get’n Down
Next exit - A Michael Martinez, Lee Herrera, Mac Suazo, Tom Bee
Night Shield - Sex, Drunks & Hip Hop
Nightwatch - Sentinel
Nokie Edwards - Hitchin’ A Ride
Northern Cree - True Blue - Northern Cree
Papago Warrior – Papago Warriors 5
Peter Phippen –Woodnotes Wyld
Peter Sackaney - Hiding Behind The Sun
Plex - BrainStorm - Plex
Quatisi SOS - Quatisi
R. Carlos Nakai – Dancing Into Silence
Rainshadow - Out of the Rainshadow
Randy McGinnis - Walking With the Spirits
Red Earth – Lowery Begaye
Red Moon - Ron Warren, Dawn Avery, Ash Dargan
Robe Williams - Need Your Love - Robe Williams
Ron Warren, Dawn Avery, Ash Dargan – Red Moon
Sacred Harmonies - Dakota/Lakota Traditional Church Songs
Samantha Crain – Songs In The Night by Samantha Crain
Sayani – Sacred Fire
Scott Tweedie – Long Island Sound
Segweh – Segweh
Sentinel - Nightwatch - Sentinel
Shane Yellowbird – It’s About Time
Shanise – Okeymow Maskiki Vol III
Sheila Applegate w/music by Joanne Shenandoah – Enchanted Garden
Short Dawg - I Love California - Short Dawg Tha Native
Spirit Wing - A Sunny Day - SpiritWing
Stories From The Social Fire – The Story Tellers
Terry & Darlene Wildman - Hoop of Life - RainSong
Terry Lee Whetstone - Moon of the Drum
The Boyz - Boys Will Be Boyz
The Cisco Band - T.C.O.B.
The Graywolf Blues Band - Let Me Be
Thunder Mountain Singers - One Voice, One Nation
Tinesha Begaye – Horses Are Our Journey
Todi Neesh Zhee Singers - Utopia - Todi Neesh Zhee Singers
Tohono O’odham Braves - 25 Years of Waila Music
Tom Bee - Sacred Warrior
Twice As Good - If That’s All Right With You
Various - Colours of My Life
Various - Rise Up
VariousThe Best of NAC Compilation Vol 1 –The Night Before
The Best of David Searching Owl - David Searching Owl
Victoria Blackie - Wanted Man
Wakinyan oyate - Cultural Legacy
Warscout - Many Tribes, One Nation
Wind & Fire – Mark Holland/N. Scott
Wind Spirit Drum - “Grandfather” - Windwalker
Yolanda Martinez - Amor Deveras
Yvonne St. Germaine – Turning My Day Around
Zotigh Singers - Kee-Tsa-Gya