The Awards show for Native American Entertainment.   ”

— Jeopardy TV Game Show    

All the professionalism and production values of much larger events like the Grammy Awards and the American Music Awards" ”

— American Federation of Radio Television Artists (AFTRA)

There is no better indication of the remarkable variety of today's Native American music than a glance at the award categories for the Native American Music Awards. ”

— Billboard Magazine

Devoted to bringing Indigenous music to the world's consciousness. ”

— New York Times

It's time to start taking Native American music seriously. ”

— USA Today

American Indian musicians are beginning to enter the mainstream music industry without compromising their long submerged but amazingly resilient culture. ”

— Wall Street Journal

It was standing room only at the Native American Music Awards. ”

— New York Daily News

The awards ceremony is a celebration and springboard to still wider exposure. ”

— Boston Globe

The artists featured are without exception in command of the stage and show just how good Native artists can be. ”

— News From Indian Country

'Awesome', 'Incredible', 'Amazing' The best music created by Indigenous artists in all its variety and excellence. ”

— Indian Country Today


An Interview with Awards President, Ellen Bello