And The Winners Are...

Artist of the Year
Mato Nanji
Vanishing Americans

Best Blues Recording
Vanishing Americans

Best Compilation Recording
Don’t Let Me Forget
Kelly Montijo Fink
Best Country Recording
Woman Of Red
Tracy Bone
Debut Artist of the Year
Leah Shenandoah
Debut Group of the Year
Never Surrender

Best Female Artist
Rita Coolidge
A Rita Coolidge Christmas

Best Folk Recording
Keeper of the Dreams
Red Feather Woman
Flutist of the Year
Rona Yellowrobe
The Gathering
Best Inspirational Recording
Grace & Grit: Chapter I
Dark Water Rising
Group of the Year
Plenty Wolf Singers
Medicine Wolf
Best Historical/Linguistic Recording
Heart of the Buffalo
Richard Stepp & Rick McKee
Best Instrumental Recording
The Long Journey Home
Ryan Little Eagle Molina
Best Male Artist
Jimmy Wolf
A Tribute To Little Johnny Taylor

Best Native American Church Recording
Apache Peyote Songs
Joe Tohonnie Jr
Best New Age Recording
Rushingwind & Mucklow 

Best Pop Recording
Day After Day
Jamie Coon

Best Pow Wow Recording
Tha Tribe 

Best Producer
Kevin Chief
Honoring The Mazinikijik Singers

Best Rap Hip Hop Recording
One Tribe One Nation
The Council

Record of the Year
Romanze Songs of Tosti
Lawrence Harris

Best Rock Recording
Two Sons
The Ollivanders

Song of the Year
Witchi Tai-To – Water Spirits
Shadowyze, Caren Knight Pepper and Jim Pepper

Songwriter of the Year
Theresa "Bear" Fox

Best Spoken Word Recording
Grandfather Speaks
Ken Quiet Hawk 

Best Traditional Recording
Spirit of Thunderheart

Best Music Video
Sisters ft Northern Voice
A Tribe Called Red

Best Waila Recording
In Loving Memory of Our Beloved Father & Uncle
Family Pride

Best World Music Recording
Nature Dance
Joanne Shenandoah

Native Heart
Lex Nichols
The Long Road
Lifetime Achievement
Jim Boyd

Rising Star
Garreth Laffely


Live Performances

15th  Annual  Native  American  Music  Awards
Seneca Allegany Events Center 
15th Native American Music Awards
National Television Broadcast 
Thanksgiving Day on FNX,

First Nations Experience Television

Featured Special Guests:

Bear Fox
Caren Knight Pepper& Jim Pepper Henry
Clear Water Drum
Cyrus Emerson
Dark Water Rising
David Rose
Donna Kay
Donny Parenteau
Dylan Jenet
Ed Koban  Group
Fabulous Ripcords
Gareth Laffely
Irving T Lyons Jr. of The Fabulous Ripcords
Jamie Coon
Jan Michael Looking Wolf
Jessica Martinez Maxey
Jim Boyd
Joanne Shenandoah
Leah Shenandoah
Joey Stylez
Jonathan Maracle
Joseph Firecrow
Kelly Montijo Fink
Ken Quiet Hawk
Kevin Chief
Lawrence Harris
Lex Nichols
Lightning Creek
Plentywolf Singers
Randy McGinnis
Rex Lyons of the Fabulous Ripcords
Rhonda Head
Richard Stepp & Rick Mckee
Rona Yellowrobe
Rose Red Elk/Red Feather Woman
Ryan Little Eagle
Spirit Of Thunderheart
Steve Rushingwind
Terrylee Whetstone
The Ollivanders
Twice As Good
Vince Fontaine
Wayne Silas Jr
Windspirit Drum
Women Of Heart
Yolanda Martinez

And Much More!