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In order to submit music for Nomination Consideration, you must be a registered Advisory Member or Member of the Media.  Advisory Memberships are annual. All Advisory Members must be professional industry members in the Music community and responsible for either recording, manufacturing, distributing, promoting, and/or marketing Native American music to the general public.  Members of the media can be a music journalist, radio DJ or programmer. 

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Submit a Nomination Submission Form with two (2) copies of your CD recording

Nomination selections will be made by all paid Advisory Members.

Winner selections will be determined by the general public in an open vote.

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Nomination Submission Forms will be sent to members via email upon receipt of payment. Nomination Submission Forms can also be downloaded by clicking here.



2018 Advisory Membership

2018 Advisory Membership

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Submit your music for nomination consideration as a 2018 NAMA Advisory member. Participate in all voting and receive membership benefits and discounts.

US Only

2018 International/Canadian Advisory Membership

2018 International/Canadian Advisory Membership

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Sumbit your music for nomination consideration in the 2017 Native American Music Awards and receive membership & voting priviledges

International & Canadian Members


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Native American Music Initiatives ! 

Founded in 1998, the Native American Music Awards & Association was born out of a need to provide greater opportunity and recognition for traditional and contemporary Native American musicians.

We have received letters of acknowledgement from former President George Bush and a proclamation from NYC Mayor Mike Bloomberg. Our national music archive has become the world's largest Native American music archive in the world. As part of our annual monitoring and research of Native American music recordings, we successfully proposed a new category for Native American music in the Grammies in 2000. We have trained Native American youth in concert events and productions; helped MTV Networks establish a cultural diversity program to recruit Native American employees, educate and entertain employees of parent company, Viacom, placed Native American artists in collaborations with mainstream artists; returned a lost song of the late Apache leader, Geronimo, back to his family and continue to present special music concerts and festivals from Alaska to New York City.

Today, the Native American Music Association (NAMA) has grown to become the country’s leading source for preserving and promoting the songs of American Indians from all four directions. The Awards are honoring our songmakers, fostering pride, providing national exposure, and celebrating their gift of music with others around the world. Their personal and professional contributions and the determination and dedication of our volunteer staff lasting, continually creates magical opportunities of Native pride and musical excellence.